Denali From The Air

Flying over Denali
Flying over Denali
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Fledgling Bush Pilot

We chartered a flight in a de Havilland Otter over Denali National Park park yesterday.  The pilot took us around the mountain, down through the gorges and followed the glaciers as they descended off the mountain.  It was an amazing experience to say the least.  Janet took a bunch of photos with the Nikon, so we’ll upload  some winners as soon as we have them downloaded.  While Janet was immersed in the beauty of the experience, I just wanted to fly the plane.

Time Zones Apart

Janet and I in Havana, Cuba

Janet and I are on separate coasts for part of this week.  She’s in Boston at the ACEP Conference, and I’m in Seattle for work.  Thankfully we can chat and text throughout the day to keep our life on track.  One item that we’re wrestling with is where to travel at the end of the year so that we bump up to the highest level of SkyMiles with Delta for next year.  We’re both about 10,000 miles short from Diamond status, and have become spoiled with our club memberships and automatic upgrades.  We have a friend that found himself in the same situation last year, and he flew from New Orleans to Finland, turned right around and flew back.  Bob’s your uncle 🙂