Tied Up in The Bronx

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We’ve been in City Island (The Bronx), NY for the last several days stepping through some of the To-Do’s on Tortuga.  I personnaly judge my days by if I fix more things than I break.  This has been a good trip, and I’ve gotten a lot of things done.  She’s just about ready for the trip up to Maine in late June.

Some of the things that were accomplished:

The Spectra Rowboat 150 watermarker had to be cleaned out.  It somehow got a biologic infection, which is characterized my smelly product water.  I flushed the system with an alkaline product (SC2) that is designed to fix that specific issue, and then set the system to flush itself with fresh water from the tanks every 2 days while we’re away.  We should be all set now.  I don’t want to attempt to make any water from where we are currently located, as the water here is terrible.  Best to use relatively fresh sea water.

I updated the B&G Zeus Touch chart-plotter software and electronic charts.  It’s been a struggle getting the right electronic charts that we need to take us from here all the way back to Chicago.  There are so many different makers of charts in an array of formats that work with some chart-plotters, and not with others. I think that it’s sorted out now.

I found a ready solution for the worn mainsail hanking system.  It’s an odd system where half of the points that hold the mainsail to the mast cars are done so with a white stretchy cord.  The cords have stretched themselves out and needs replacing.

Tortuga Blog (1)My plan is to do it with 3mm Spectra line, but I need Janet to help as we have to raise and lower the main sail as the line is being looped and tied on, and it also needs to be cut with a hot knife.

I’m having the local sail loft make sone new UV covers for the two AnkaTortuga Blog (2)rlina lines that are attached to the aft rails.  The heavy web lines are in great shape, but the neoprene covers that protect the lines from the degrading UV have given up the ghost.  The lines have a million uses but are mostly used for attaching a stern anchor or trying off to a distant rock or tree.  The loft is making covers from taupe Sunbrella fabric to match the rest of the canvas.

What else got done?  The Racor fuel filters were changed. The long-range Wave WiFi antenna was brought back on-line after I traced the loose connection.  Engine oil was topped up. The marine toilet (MSD) was serviced.

The more time that I spend onboard the more familiar I become with the various systems.  I feel very confident with all of the key systems, and am still learning about some of the more esoteric ones.

All good.  Next stop….Maine.

Electronics… Don’t Burn the House Down


While Tortuga is up on sticks for the winter, I’ve decided to work hard at deepening my knowledge of maritime engineering.  She is such a complex vessel that I want to be able to diagnose and fix problems as they occur.  There’s not always a boatyard right around the next point of land.

I’ve started with maritime electronics, as that’s probably my weakest area.  Borrowing from Michael Jordan’s philosophy of working or practicing hard to turn your weaknesses into your strengths, I’ve amassed a reading list and intend to practice on our house.  This is making Janet a bit nervous, but I can’t break anything that can’t be fixed 🙂