No Spray Paint in Chicago

Owning a boat is a lot of work.  We keep a running “to-do” list on the app, Wunderlist, and slowly chip away at it.  It seems that as soon as we remove one item, we’re adding two more.

This weekend we deciding the repaint the markings on the chain anchor rode.  While still tied up in the marina, we pulled 75 meters of chain from the anchor locker and serpentined it on the dock.  The chain was marked with a different color spray paint every 5 meters.  The markings give us a visual reference as to how much chain or rode we have out, an important item to know when setting a secure anchor in given depths of water.

Of course with any project there are setbacks.  This one came when we ran out of yellow spray paint. Not a huge issue, skip down to the hardware store and pick up a new can.  Not in Chicago… it’s illegal to sell spray paint in the city due to anti-graffiti efforts.  The struggle continues.