Out For The Day

Yesterday  the plan was to do a bit of boat work now that Janet has returned from her adventures in Haiti.

When we left Racine a few weeks ago we hoisted our furled gennaker before we left the dock. Normally this would have been fine if it wasn’t for the 20+ knots of wind swirling around. Upon leaving the harbor the head of the gennaker began to unfurl and wrapped back on itself becoming hopelessly fouled. We dropped the sail and stuffed it in the sail locker waiting for a calm day to sort it out.

Yesterday morning there was no wind, so it became ‘Fix The Gennaker Day”. It was a pretty straight forward affair of untangling the huge sail and carefully flaking it out on the deck, hoisting and refueling it.

With that task done, we left the marina and headed over to the fuel dock to fill our tanks for the season, 72 gallons of diesel fuel for $239. I’ll be surprised if we visit a fuel dock again this season, the great benefit of owning a sailboat.

Once fueled and looking at a stiffening breeze and sunny skies we made the decision to just sail.  Janet put us on a close reach, we set the mainsail and the jib and headed out past the racing boats and just kept going. We realized that few boats venture out past 2-3 miles from shore, and almost no one is on AIS.  Note to self… use the radar more 🙂

We should have hove to for lunch, but decided to stay on the reach and enjoy a cheese plate healed over.  The sun and wind were almost perfect as we moved along at a comfortable 7 knots.

After a bit of a messy tack, we brought her around and headed back to the marina, arriving at the same time as a typical midwest thunder storm. We tied up and got out the foul weather jackets to finish securing the boat. By the time we were done, the weather had cleared to sunny skies again and we wandered over to The Dock for a beer. All-in-all a good day.