Marina Life

We’re getting settled into marina life.  The most notable advantage is that our house is 3-miles from Tortuga’s slip.  After spending a year flying back and forth across the country to get aboard, this level of access is very strange.

The marina that we are berthed in is run by the Chicago Parks District and contains everything from small sailboats to million dollar powerboats.  Expectedly, there is a tremendous disparity of boating experience and seamanship.

Standing on the dock chatting with the skipper of a J/40 racing sailboat yesterday we saw a 30’ powerboat approaching a nearby slip.  Being helpful neighbors we wandered over to the slip to give the arriving crew a hand with their lines and tying the boat up.  Onboard were four “twenty-something” guys looking seriously anxious at their intended slip.  My sailor friend asked the crew for their bow line.  “Huh?…We don’t have one”.  No fenders were hanging over the side of the boat needed to protect the polished hull from the harsh wooden dock.  I asked for a stern line, and one of the crew threw me a line… all of it…both ends…secured to nothing.  I tossed an end back and asked him to secure it to an aft cleat.  I didn’t know that you could use a square knot on a cleat… you can’t.

In the end, we got the boat tied up, keeping it well away from a beautiful Jeanneau 50 that was sharing the well.  My sailor friend said that we’ll see a lot of that in the marina over the summer. The adventure continues.