Prince Edward Island

View of Tortuga in the distance in Murray Harbor
View of Tortuga in the distance in Murray Harbor

We’re currently in Murray Harbor, PEI on a very quiet and calm Sunday morning.  The water is a bit thin getting into the harbor, so we’re waiting a little for the tide to come in a bit to move over to the fuel dock, and then leave the harbor.

Yesterday’s sail from Port Hawkesbury through the Canso Canal to Murray Harbor was a ton of fun.  We were reaching the entire way with 24-28 knots of wind.  Once the sails were up, and the engine off we were making 7.2 knots over ground, which I was quite happy with.

Halfway across the Northumberland Straits we decided to heave to for a bit to see how Tortuga handled the seas.  With her nose pointed 50 degrees to the wind, Tortuga calmed down and we sat there enjoying what was an awesome sailing day.  Janet was a bit peeved as she had just labored to prepare lunch in the galley while we were underway and heeled over at 30 degrees.

We’ll leave Murray Harbor in a flooding tide and make our way to an anchorage in Pictou for the night.  Tomorrow, we’re off Charlottetown to tie up for a few days.