Getting Ready

We’re about a month away from getting aboard Tortuga.  The house has become a large tech-room with all of the gear and equipment that we plan to bring aboard.  One of the first things that we need to do is replace the six 115Ah “house batteries”. The winter in northern Virginia was not kind to them and four of the batteries are down to 11.9v, which is technically “dead”.  We’re planning on replacing them with 120Ah AGM batteries which will give us an extra 30Ah, lower maintenance, and better resistance to long-term storage.

Last night Janet tried out the new Sailrite 220v hotknife, that is designed to smoothly cut through sailcloth and rope.  The hotknife worked great, but because it’s 220v we had to run it through a step-up transformer plugged into our 110v AC outlet.  The boat has a 220v AC system, so the knife will work fine on existing AC circuit. The sewing machine, on the other hand, is 110v, so that’ll have to be run through a transformer.  Janet’s learning a ton about electricity right now.

Tech-Dinning Room

Weekend Project

imageRainy weekend in March, so we decided to do some arts and crafts and put our industrial sewing machine to the test. After going to the boat show in Annapolis in October last year, we saw some bags made from recycled sail cloth that we thought would be a great idea as host gifts. We’ve been thinking about what and how to do this for the past several months. This weekend we finally got all of the bits and pieces together and here is a pic of the end result. We plan on giving these out to friends and family who visit…unless we find a market for them on Etsy 🙂